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electronics charging station

Electronics Charging Station Buying Tips

Do you recall the game where a person is asked if they were stranded on a desert island what is the one thing they would take with them?  Well, chances are you will never be stranded on a desert island and now you will never have to worry about taking “too much with you”.  Whether you are traveling, at home, or at the office, an electronics charging station allows you to keep organized and charge several handhelds at once. 

Here are tips on what to look for when purchasing a electronics charging station.

  • Affordability.  As charging stations become more popular they are becoming more reasonably priced.  You can find a good electronics charging stations starting at around $50.
  • Ease of use.  You do not want a charging station that takes a phone book size manual to operate.  Look for a model that will allow you to “plug and go”.
  • Look for an electronics charging station with a built in power strip.  This strip has the benefit of only having to plug one cord into the wall. The cords from your various chargers will all plug into the charger itself.
  • Make sure the portal holes for plugging your devices into the charger are conveniently located and easy to use.
  • Storage bins.  Small bins and drawers are great for storing small items like jewelry, coins, and business cards. Also look for a drawer to hide device cords.
  • Determine the number of devices you will be plugging in and buy an electronics charging station with the appropriate number of portals.  Most chargers have 3 portals.
  • Size is important.  Where will your electronics charging station be placed?  A small one is nice to travel with while a larger one with more plug in capability or more storage space might be better suited for the home or office.
  • Finish and style.  If these qualities are important to you there are a wide range of styles out there.  You should be able to find one that works well with your décor.

Eectronics charging stations will allow you the ease of a single organizational unit that will charge all of your electronic devices.  You will no longer waste time you do not have looking for lost chargers and misplaced devices.