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Cell Phone Charging Stations

One of the latest gadgets to amaze consumers is the cell phone charging station; these can’t-live-without inventions are designed to help ease and organize your life. No more digging through drawers, under car seats, or in between sofa cushions for lost charging cords. No more trying to figure out which charger goes to which device. No more running out of plug-ins for your cell phone and electronic devices. Cell phone charging stations equal no more clutter!

Cell phone charging stations can accommodate up to three phones or other gadgets at one time. Yes, I said other gadgets, it’s not just limited to cell phones……it can take on phones, Ipods, MP3 players, cameras, PDAs, you name it; all at the same time! That's why they're sometimes interchangeably called electronics charging or docking stations.

A cell phone charging station says goodbye to the tangle of wires. Plug one charging station cord into the wall outlet, then the individual phone and/or device cords plug into charging station portals with cords stored out of sight. Some charging stations even incorporate a surge protector!

A cellphone charging station will streamline your desk, tabletop, or counter. In addition eliminating the eyesore of numerous charging cords, many stations have drawers or bins for placement of things like jewelry or money…….this helps tidy up any area. The storage drawers are typically lined with a soft fabric, reducing the possibility of scratching any valuables.

Many cell phone charging stations on the market today are very attractive, and can be matched to fit the furnishings of almost any room in your house. How about black wood, mahogany, cherry, or walnut wood finishes? All these features come in a cell phone charging station that usually is smaller than a shoe box.

Why wait to eliminate the clutter from your life? They are available now.