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electronics charging station

Electronics Docking Stations

We live in an electronic world.  If you are not “wired in” you are quickly being left in the dust as technology races forward.  One of the latest products developed to make our lives easier is the electronics docking station.

We have all spent useless hours looking for misplaced cell phones and electronic devices. We are forever losing cords that recharge these devices. A electronics docking station will solve these problems and give you a more organized life. 

A basic cell phone or electronics docking station will start at $50. It will have the ability to charge three devices at the same time and will have docking stations for the devices. That’s the basics. For not much more you can find a cell phone charger with added features that fit your needs.

Consider where you will be using the charger. Is appearance important? If so, there are many models that are very attractive with wood or metal finishes. You can match the finish to the décor of your home or office.

Do you need organization for “stuff”? Electronics docking stations come with drawers and cubbies for such items as jewelry, change, and business cards. Your desk area no longer has to look like a disaster area.

Another major feature of the docking stations is that most come equipped with a power strip.  This strip is internal and allows the charging station to charge all devices with one plug going to the wall.  Individual cords are plugged into the internal strip and hidden in a back drawer.  Gone are the days of stuffing cords behind canisters or taping them down.  The power strip will come prepared to charge three to six devices.

Many electronics docking stations have the added benefit of having a surge protector. I don’t know about you, but I have brownouts in my area all the time. The surge protector is an inexpensive way to protect expensive electronic devices.

No more looking for lost power cords and trying to match power cords to devices.  No longer does your desk or counter area have to be messy.  Investing in an electronics docking station will do away with cords and clutter and save you time by organizing your life.